Collection: ANIMAX MUSIX 2021 ONLINE supported by U-NEXT


Join Japan’s hottest anime music festival featuring top anime song singers and voice actors. Don’t miss your favorite anime song performed on stage!

Lineup Day 1: iRis, Yuka Iguchi, Miku Ito, Ayaka Ohashi, OxT, Tomori Kusunoki, ZAQ, TRUE, Shugo Nakamura, Happy Around! from D4DJ, H-el-ical//, PENGUIN RESEARCH, Machico, Kiyono Yasuno

Lineup Day 2: Masayoshi Oishi, GRANRODEO, Konomi Suzuki, Kanako Takatsuki, Azusa Tadokoro, Miyu Tomita, Megumi Nakajima, Nano, halca, FLOW, Hoshimi Production from IDOLY PRIDE, Mia REGINA, Morfonica, Yanaginagi. Maju Arai


DAY 1 VOD February 6th at 12:00pm JST - February 14th at 11:59pm JST

DAY 2 VOD February 6th at 12:00pm JST - February 14th at 11:59pm JST

Note: You must complete playback before the end time

Broadcasts are only available in Taiwan and South Korea

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