Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical Nogizaka46 ver. 2019

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical Nogizaka46 ver. 2019

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical

Nogizaka46 ver. 2019August 20 - August 26

Weekday Showings: 20:00 / 8:00 PM

Weekend Showings: 14:00 / 2:00 PM

ENCORE SHOWINGAugust 29 14:00 / 2:00 PM

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Story:Usagi Tsukino is a second-year Junior high school student who is a little clumsy and crybaby but full of energy. One day, she met a talking black cat named Luna, transformed into the Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon! Usagi has a mission to assemble a team of fellow Sailor Guardians, find and protect the "Legendary Silver Crystal" and the princess. Meanwhile, Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom also wants to obtain "Legendary Silver Crystal" with infinite power. She sent the Four Heavenly Kings to the town where the Usagi lived and caused a strange incident...

Five Sailor Guardians are now fighting a battle that goes beyond time and space to destroy the ambitions of the Dark Kingdom.


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