Late Night with Less Than Jake

We present to you, LATE NIGHT WITH LTJ, their first livestream event ever! They thought just playing to a bunch of cameras could be kinda weird, so they had to do some “stuff” to make the show more “them”! Super excited for this night, as it’s also their album release day! Come join us in the celebration! Less than Jake will be jamming some classic songs and you can bet they have a few surprises up their sleeves!
VIP Upgrade Available with exclusive content including extra live songs, acoustic versions, and full band interviews!
December 11th at 6:00pm EST
Begins December 12th at 6:00pm EST and will be turned off promptly at December 14th at 6:00pm EST

Tickets are sent via email 3 hours before the show. Tickets purchased during the show will arrive within 5 minutes.

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